Cindy & Gary Brown

Longtime residents of Indianapolis, Cindy and Gary Brown were immediately drawn to Headcount after a volunteer at a concert asked, “Are you registered to vote?”  They were but realized there could be no better setting for enrolling new voters and encouraging civic engagement than at a live music event. While they have enjoyed serving as poll workers for primaries as well as off-year and national elections, they are eager to work with Headcount to make registration more convenient and to help get out the vote. And then there’s the chance to hear some of the best and most responsible musicians in concert! They have an extended history of attending live shows (Cindy saw the Beatles and early on, Gary’s genetic code was rewritten during a Yes concert) and love to hear what’s coming next.

In their working lives, Cindy was employed in various branches of state government before serving as a consultant and project manager on a range of local, state, and federal programs. These included oversight of numerous Medicaid and health care-related programs; management of extensive training programs, including national Medicare training, and a statewide Affordable Care Act training; and an HPV outreach initiative.  After developing and managing training programs for Amtrak, Gary opened and operated a sign company and a printing shop for more than 22 years. Now that both have retired, they find that they are working as hard as ever, with Cindy coordinating logistics and implementing the training, nurturement and technical skill development (she’s babysitting!) for our grandson. Gary has selected as his Senior Project the renovation of a neighboring 120 year-old house.