Brittany Bruce

Brittany was born and raised in the hilly, rural area of northern Florida, or better known as lower Georgia. She brings diverse experiences and a marketing degree to the HeadCount team, and like everyone else, loves giving back to her community. For years she was very active in Florida politics--attending committee meetings, writing minutes, and giving tours of the Florida capitol. After graduating, she traveled to Europe to do volunteer work on farms. Since returning to the states, she has relocated to Cheyenne, WY to start a family with her college romance.

When she’s not vacuuming dog hair or wiping up baby vomit, Brittany is either taking pictures or doing some sort of outdoor activity. She enjoys paddle boarding, concerts and taking her eight-month-old backpacking. A former college majorette, Brittany is a big fan of FSU’s Marching Chiefs (go Noles!). She likes good beer, strong coffee and Internet memes. Oh, and puppies.