Augustine Altomare - HeadCount

Augustine joined HeadCount as a new semester intern. While he wasn’t sure what to expect, he came in excited to be a part of the team and work into the flow of things. ‘Augie’ attended Seton Hall University, where he studied Diplomacy and International Affairs with a second major in Economics.

His hobbies include enjoying long walks on the beach, gazing at a soft starry sky, and (of course) listening to good music! One of the things that Augie loves about music is its intangible qualities; from the simply joy from listening to a song to the inspiration it can build in people. That’s why when he heard of HeadCount, and how they empower people to vote through the awesomeness of music; he knew he was at the right place.

Augie is an energetic, passionate, and over all completely awesome guy. He believes in the strength of our great nation, and hopes that through harvesting the power of music to better our democracy we can make a better difference with our vote!