Annika Garman

Annika has been volunteering with HeadCount since fall of 2016.  Her first show was Danny Brown at the Neptune Theater in the University District in Seattle which drew a lot of young, first-time voters to the table.  She found it empowering and inspiring to help many never-before voters participate in their democracy.  This beginning helped confirm her excitement to bring HeadCount and voter registration into view for a wide audience throughout the greater Seattle area.  She looks forward to Team Leading in diverse environments in order to ensure that the entire spectrum of age, ability, class and race is represented in our elections.
Her 9-to-5 allows her to offer nutrition care (she's a Clinical Dietitian) to the most vulnerable population in Washington state at a county trauma hospital in Seattle. While there, not only is she looking out for the greater good of Seattle's homeless population, she also volunteers with and is a part of her union's bargaining team to ensure the best working conditions for the staff and caregivers at the hospital.  When not dancing at shows, giggling with her husband or cuddling with her dog, Sampson, Annika enjoys reading books, swimming and general merriment with friends and strangers alike.