Regional Coordinator

Promote participation in democracy

Regional Coordinators play a critical role within the leadership structure of HeadCount. Regional Coordinators manage, organize, motivate and train a team of 5 to 20 Team Leaders and ensure that their team has what they need to be successful. This is primarily a remote position, but we encourage Regional Coordinators to join us at festivals and occasionally travel to other cities to train new Team Leaders.

Regional Coordinators advocate for their Team Leaders and serve as one of their primary support contacts, while ensuring they are as active as they can be and follow HeadCount procedures. All Regional Coordinators must embody the following qualities: communicative, supportive, and proactive. They are expected to be leaders in fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion.

You can expect to dedicate at least five hours a week to the RC role while HeadCount has an active field campaign. This is considered a volunteer position, but Regional Coordinators are eligible for a yearly performance-based stipend of up to $2,500.


  • Excellent leadership and management skills
  • Strong work ethic, maturity and sense of accountability
  • About 5 to 8 hours per week of availability for digital and phone communication
  • Community builder
  • Passion for democracy, voter engagement and volunteers
  • Relevant leadership experience

To apply, please register as a volunteer by clicking HERE and be sure to check off that you are interested in a leadership position. In addition, email a brief cover letter and resume under the subject line “Regional Coordinator” to [email protected].

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