Field Volunteer

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Field Volunteers are the driving force behind HeadCount. Since our launch in 2004, thousands of music fans have signed on to help register voters at concerts and encourage participation in democracy. As the true frontline warriors in the fight for democracy, volunteers must be enthusiastic, good communicators and most of all reliable. They also must be willing to miss part (or, in some cases, all) of a concert and make HeadCount’s activities their priority the night of an event.

*This is a volunteer position


  • Maturity, strong work ethic and responsibility
  • Enthusiasm
  • Willingness to proactively register voters, which includes approaching people directly and asking them to register to vote
  • Willingness to learn voter registration rules and participate in HeadCount training
  • Ability to arrive at venue before doors open to the public on nights you are volunteering, and miss portions or (in rare cases) all of the live music performance

To apply, please register as a volunteer by clicking HERE and follow instructions upon receiving email response.

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