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If Kentucky...

...can pass bipartisan election reform legislation, your state can too. Reach out to your elected officials and find out where they stand.

On April 7th, the state of Kentucky passed bipartisan legislation to institute early voting, require drop boxes, create official recount procedures, and add an online portal where voters can request absentee ballots.

It passed the Republican-controlled legislature by a combined vote of 124-6, and was signed into law by Democratic governor Andy Bashear. This follows a long tradition of election law attracting bipartisan support, including the 2006 renewal of the Voting Rights Act, which passed the U.S. Senate 98-0.

At HeadCount, we believe elections should be fair, accessible and trustworthy. We hope to see more election reform that increases participation and that is supported by the overwhelming majority of voters.

Join us in calling on every other state to pursue bipartisan solutions that improve election administration and expand access to the polls.

*Note about the Title field above: Many of these officials use web forms instead of email addresses, which often require every field listed. Hiding fields can affect message deliverability for the U.S. Congress and some state-level officials.