How To Run a Voter Registration Drive

Saturday was absolutely incredible.

HeadCount volunteers helped register nearly 5,000 voters at March for Our Lives events in 30 cities.

This shatters every single HeadCount record. We are in such awe of our volunteers, and of the students of America who put these marches on.

But our work doesn't stop now. Today we released a guide to running voter registration drives so that anyone – particularly students and teachers – can help others register to vote. Many high schools already support these, but it's not universal. And that should change. If communities demand it, we think 90% of high schools will host voter registration drives this spring! That is an attainable goal. A winnable battle.

This guide is easy and will teach you how to plan a voter registration drive.


We're giving away all of our secrets here. But the real secret is that this isn't very hard.

Here's what this voter registration guide covers:

  • How to run a voter registration drive
  • High School voter registration drive
  • How to register voters in general
  • The rules for voter registration
  • Who to contact when you want to register voters
  • Can I register voters?
  • How do I register voters
  • How to organize a voter registration drive
  • What ID's are needed for a voter registration drive
  • What preparation needs to be done so I can register voters

Let's help make everyone know how easy it is to host voter registration drives. Share this tweet. Forward this email to any students or teachers you know. Spread this Registration Guide far and wide. And let's keep up the pressure to make the 90 percent goal a reality.