Volunteer of the YEAR: James Martin

Name: James S Martin II

Location: Vancouver, WA

School Work or Alma Mater: Employed with Portland Rescue Mission. Alma Mater - Eastern Washington University

Favorite HeadCount Band I've Never Seen: Guster

Best HeadCount Experience: I've had so many great experiences with HeadCount. From working Outside Lands with the San Francisco team to being part of our first year at PDX Pop Now! But it is the RailRoad Earth show at Crystal Ballroom in June 2008 which stands out. It was Summer Solstice. The Presidential campaign was at a fever pitch. There were a lot people registering for the very first time. There was also a unique performance artist group appearing among the crowd in costume as imps, fairies, trees and dancers on stilts. It was my second or third show for HeadCount and I was probably hooked at that point.

What's Your Issue? For 2011, I would like to help focus on personal liberty and voter education. It is not enough that we simply register voters. We must find a way to encourage people to engage their government, and to play an active role in dealing with local, state and national issues. An uninformed and uneducated electorate is a dangerous thing.

Why do you like volunteering for HeadCount? My motivation for volunteering with HeadCount is a selfish one....It makes me feel good. Knowing I am helping people take part in the democratic process is an awesome reality. I've also met some great people, made some good friends and heard some fantastic music. It is easy to give all of myself when I get so much in return.

Hobbies: A lot of live music (yes, even away from HeadCount events), randomly publish a blog on sports and music, passionate Oakland Raiders fan & long distance runner.

James has been a key element to HeadCount's west coast team and the organization in general. He has covered several shows on his own, attended festivals and even brought HeadCount into a new local festival in Portland. We greatly appreciate all his efforts.