Volunteer of the Week: Sean Hamann

Name: Sean Hamann

Location: Chicago

School Work or Alma Mater: John Marshall Law School; Indiana University

Favorite HeadCount Band: The Roots

Best HeadCount Experience: Each show has its own memorable moments, but any time the band or artist is actively committed to HeadCount it makes for a great experience. Mike Gordon gave us a shout-out on stage my first show, so that set the bar pretty high.

What's Your Issue?: At a local level, Illinois needs to stop selling our assets for short-term gains that lead to long-term deficits. Balancing the budget needs to be priority number one. The United States needs to lower its defense budget and develop a workable foreign policy. With funds at such a premium, rather than concentrate our resources on military engagements that continue to prove unworkable, the US should look to domestic issues such as health care and education.

Why do you like volunteering for HeadCount?: HeadCount provides an opportunity to reach out to those who have become disenchanted with the political process. It also provides an opportunity for a traditionally under-represented group to become politically active and raise awareness. Reversing political lethargy in younger demographics is an experience that will make this a better country. Going to shows is not a bad perk either.

Hobbies: Law school takes a lot of time, but Chicago in the summer is great. All kinds of great acts come through the city and there is always something to do.

Sean recently helped the Chicago team get over 500 pledges and registrations at the Pitchfork Music Festival.