United We Vote

HeadCount is a nonpartisan organization and civil rights are nonpartisan, too. We needed to say this earlier, and we didn't. We're saying it now. Black Lives Matter. Black Voices Matter. Black Votes Matter. To make our voices heard, we need more than those words. We need action, too.

HeadCount has released the United We Vote toolkit to enable you to register voters, anywhere. By using QR codes and text messages, you can register voters in a completely touchless way, with no training required.. 

So whether you’re going to a march, a place of worship, or even the beach, you can make voter registration available to all.

The Black Lives Matter movement is clearly inspiring a political awakening. At one of the protests this week, a HeadCount volunteer registered 20 new voters by himself, in just a couple hours!

So we invite you to do the same, anywhere. It does not matter what your political beliefs might be. Whoever you surround yourself with, and whatever ideologies you espouse, use the tool kit to get people registered to vote. Print the QR codes. Share the text code. Empower yourself and empower others. 

One final thought… we live at a time where almost everything appears deeply partisan. But equality, liberty, and justice are fundamental American values shared by almost all. Therefore, standing against racism is not partisan. It is an act of patriotism and basic human morality. 

We are very proud that HeadCount stands behind the Black Lives Matter movement and will support voter registration at the nationwide protests. We are equally proud that we support voter registration everywhere else, for anyone who wishes to engage in democracy.

We hope you join us in giving voice to others. Check out www.headcount.org/unitedwevote and get ready to make a difference.