The Next Big Idea: iCitizen

At HeadCount, we love being on the cutting edge of technology and civic engagement. Whether it’s our #SoundOff tool for tweeting at Congress, or our social media campaigns to get out the vote, we’re constantly looking for the next big idea.

Enter iCitizen.

iCitizen is a smartphone app that makes it easier to to get personally involved in democracy. It will find you all the best stories on the issues you care about, and info on elected officials and legislation — plus daily polls that your elected representatives will see — all on your smartphone.

It’s free on iOS (Android coming soon), so if you want to download it, just head to the app store and download it now. Or visit their website for more info.

This year, we’ll integrate iCitizen into everything we do, at concerts and festivals nationwide. Soon, any time you see a HeadCount team at a live music event, you’ll have the chance to sign a pledge to vote and write yourself a reminder note that will be mailed to you right before the election. As you do that, you’ll be able to scan a QR code or sign up for info from iCitizen right on the spot.

At some festivals, we’ll also be creating an iCitizen “oasis” where you can hang in comfortable environs and check out the app, and we’ll also do a themed photo contest where you can win prizes by picking the issue or word that inspires you to vote, and then posing for a photo where you'll share what inspires you.

We hope you agree that iCitizen and HeadCount are a perfect pair. Check us out at a concert near you this year, or visit iCitizen on the Web or in the app store now.