The Future Is Voting (in 60 Seconds)

How do we make the midterm elections into an accessible cultural event that everyone wants to join, as opposed to a political chore that many feel repelled by?

HeadCount wrestles with these questions all the time.

For 2018, our answer is "The Future Is Voting," a new series of short videos that communicate an empowering message through music and images.


The Future Is Voting campaign features appearances by Parkland students Emma GonzalezDavid Hogg and (the voice of) Cameron Kasky, as well as rapper Kevin Abstract from BROCKHAMPTON and Hunger Games actor Amandla Stenberg.

But this isn't your typical public service announcement where a celebrity looks into the camera and tells you what to do (lame!). Instead, The Future Is Voting spots feel more like music videos than TV commercials. They capture the energy and excitement we've seen from young Americans about voting and celebrate our incredible power to impact elections.

View and share the 60-second version now on Facebook or Twitter.

The Future Is Voting campaign will have many additional elements coming soon – a massive social media campaign for National Voter Registration Day, festival activations, and a national tour. Thank you for your help spreading the word.

All my best,
Andy Bernstein
Executive Director, HeadCount