Team Leader of the Week: Leigh Keck

Name: Leigh Keck

Location: Kansas City, MO

Alma Mater: Kansas University

Favorite HeadCount Band: The String Cheese Incident

Best HeadCount Experience: Registering a lady to vote who had never voted before because of a previous felony. She didn't realize she could vote now and was ecstatic to have the opportunity.

What's Your Issue?: Personal Liberty

Why do you like volunteering for HeadCount? Volunteering for HeadCount is a great way to promote civic engagement and raise awareness about the upcoming elections. Encountering people at shows who say "thanks for being here" makes it all worth it.

Hobbies: Enjoying live music, traveling, doing anything outdoors this time of year.

Leigh just joined HeadCount this summer and has already been one of the strongest Team Leaders. She has set up her residencies at local venues in Kansas and brought in great numbers.