Team Leader of the Week: Jesse Campbell

Name: Jesse Campbell
Location: Columbus, OH
School Work or Alma Mater: Ohio University
Favorite HeadCount Band: The Dead / Furthur / RatDog
Best HC Experience: Some of the many great HeadCount memories that I have include: registering to vote through HeadCount, volunteering at a sold out O.A.R. show during the 2008 presidential election and seeing the excitement and energy of the many young people who were registering to vote for the first time, interviewing for the team leader position at Bonnaroo, meeting Ben Harper on the Campus Consciousness Tour and Jack Johnson in the All-At-Once Eco-Village.
What's Your Issue?: An issue that is important to me is personal liberty. I also think that Gulf Coast recovery is more important than ever after the recent oil spill.  New Orleans is a beautiful part of our culture that we need to preserve for future generations. Laisez les bons temps rouler!
Why do you like volunteering for HeadCount?: HeadCount is a great way to get people in the music community involved in the democratic process.  It combines two of my favorite things: people and music. I love to interact with fans and find out what's their issue because ultimately our neighbors' issues can become our own if we are not aware of what these issues are. It is rewarding to know that you are helping people make their voice heard by getting them registered to vote.  Also, it is a great opportunity to meet some very interesting people while hearing awesome music. Oh, I think I already mentioned that. But seriously, HeadCount artists are some of the best musicians on the planet. Last but not least, Bob Weir is on the Board of Directors.  How cool is that?
Hobbies: Reading, travel, hiking, canoeing, music, food, wine, nature, meditation, blogging, and spending time with family.

Jesse traveled to Cincinnati to meet up with our training team where they got 125 people to pledge to vote, then in Columbus he brought in 61 pledges at a CAKE show.