Team Leader of the Week: Anna Chard

Name: Anna Chard

Location: Charleston, SC

Alma Mater: College of Charleston Honors College

Favorite HeadCount Band: This is a tough one.... but I'd say my favorite HeadCount band is Thievery Corporation

Best HeadCount experience: Probably having so many people tell me and the other volunteers how much they appreciate us getting the word out and promoting participation in democracy

Issue: Human Rights

Why do you like volunteering for HeadCount? I like volunteering for HeadCount because I can combine my two passions of music and politics and hopefully inspire others to volunteer and engage in civic participation

Hobbies: Going to as many live shows as possible (obviously), surfing, waterskiing, volunteering, reading, painting (but not very well!)

Anna is a new Team Leader in Charleston and has already brought in serious numbers at her first two shows.