Team Leader of the Week: Andrew Estes

Name: Andrew Estes

Location: Louisville, KY

Work: Sam Kinnaird's Flooring

Favorite HeadCount Band: The Disco Biscuits

Best HeadCount Experience: Forecastle Festival 2010 was a productive and enjoyable experience. I had the best time talking to all the activist about many noble causes. It was warm to share our HeadCount cause with so many people that have passion for what they do.

What's Your Issue? The current issues that are important to me are Food and Farm Policy, and Human Rights. Living in KY the" buy local" mentality is something that really hits home. We have many farms in this beautiful state. Our economy is fueled by our farmland resources. As for human rights, I know that we have no control over what happens in other countries. However we are a country that knows how join with others and say what we feel is right and wrong.

Why do you like volunteering for HeadCount? HeadCount for me is a perfect fit. I follow politics and wish that more "Gen Y-ers" would as well. I don't want people to just have the same opinion as me, I want them to have one they are passionate about. So registering voters for a non-partisan, nonprofit organisation at concerts and entertainment events is right up my alley with my love for music.

Hobbies: I love fantasy football and fantasy sports in general. I love going to concerts and playing disc golf. I also enjoy spending summers at the lake fishing and boating.