Phish Back ‘Your Three Words’ On ‘Good Morning America’

There's a strange phenomenon any true Phish fan is familiar with: When you hear a Phish song outside the usual context, on television or at a stadium or in a store, it stops you in your tracks and sometimes puts a lump in your throat. I've gotten up and danced to "Guyute" on The Weather Channel, even though I don't even like "Guyute." And when Madison Square Garden started playing "Tweezer Reprise" before the second period of each Rangers game this season, I felt like my life had truly reached its full circle zenith.

With that in mind I share something that will choke up even the most hardened among you: "Backwards Down the Number Line" on "Good Morning America"'s Three Words segment.

Happy Holidays.

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Phish on Good Morning America's Three Words Segment