Phish Helps a Small Charity in a Big Way

When Phish visits a town, they leave behind more than just memories. The band’s Waterwheel Foundation makes a donation to a local nonprofit in every city, and sometimes it can be life changing. A recent promise to a small charity in Hartford was celebrated in a local publication as truly putting the organization on the map. Gifts of Love is a charity that helps those is tough financial situations make ends meet. It assists 10,000 people a year with everything from bills to food supplies, on a budget of less than $400,000.

Diana Goode, the creator and organizer of Gifts of Love, said she got a surprise call from Phish’s tour manager telling her to expect a gift from Phish and their fans.

“I thought I was being punked,” she said.

On each stop of their tour, the sale of Waterwheel merchandise and posters signed by the band can generate several thousand dollars, most of which goes directly to the charity of choice.

Unfortunately not all fans are as kind as those who donated to A Gift of Love during the two night run in Hartford, Connecticut. A small sandwich shop was the victim to a thief who stole Trey Anastasio’s signature and endorsement of their Hammerin’ Hank Sandwich.