Pearl Jammed, Records Broken, Stone’s Rolled

Just wanted to drop a quick post about some of the exciting things that have been happening recently within HeadCount.
It started Saturday when we got word from Pearl Jam that they agreed to be an offical HeadCount band. Normally this means that the band puts our "Register to Vote" button up on their website, provides us with access to their shows in order to set up a table and register voters, and provide any additional support they want. Pearl Jam took the extra step. They decided to bring a HeadCount volunteer on tour with them for their entire spring tour! This means a HeadCount volunteer will ride on their tour bus from city to city and meet up with local HeadCount volunteers at each show. Its going to be a pretty incredible experience and you can apply now at

On Sunday HeadCount broke its previous single day registration record by registering over 500 people. The majority of these registrations came from the Green Apple Festivals in Washington D.C., San Francisco, Boulder, and Chicago. Over 250 coming in from Chicago alone. The Green Apple Festival was an overall huge success and we were extremely grateful to be a part of it.

Then early this week, at a most convenient time with all these great things happening, the latest Rolling Stone magazine came out with "The Best of Rock 2008" cover. Turn to page 18 and you will see a half page article dedicated to the HeadCount benefit recently held in Washington D.C. where Bob Weir signed autographs and performed a short solo acoustic set. Special thanks to our new publicists Dave and Colin at Giant Noise for getting us the spot in Rolling Stone.

Look out for more HeadCount in the news when we issue our press release announcing our new bands and future plans.