Participation Row Dead50 Ticket Auction

You spent days decorating a ticket request envelope with a Stealie and Skulls and Roses. You waited in a virtual line on TicketMaster for hours as the site kept crashing and reloading. You have been tracking the slightest daily changes in StubHub prices for tickets listed by scalpers. And despite all of that effort you still don’t have tickets in hand for the once-in-a-lifetime Fare Thee Well shows celebrating 50 years of the Grateful Dead. Don’t fret! Participation Row and HeadCount have you covered.

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of a Participation Row ticket auction. An auction that will help make sure you can say farewell to the Grateful Dead without putting money in the pockets of scalpers who don’t care about the music or the Dead or the scene. Not only does this auction not enrich said scalpers, but the proceeds are going right back into the scene: the beneficiaries are the non-profit organizations selected by the band members to be on Participation Row at the shows!

Here is exactly how the auction is going down:

eBay is hosting the auction at  Once you go there, you will find two pairs of tickets for each show; one on the general admission floor and the other in reserved seating. Bidding starts at the face value of the tickets. Every two days a new set of tickets will be released. This will continue through the end of June, when we have sold all of our tickets and all of you have secured your seats in Levi’s Stadium and Soldier Field!

Some of the beneficiaries of this auction include: Rex Foundation, Seva, Rainforest Action Network, The Owsley Stanley Foundation, HeadCount and many more.

So check out now!