moe., Guster Play for the Environment (VIDEO)

Fans of moe. and Guster can feel pretty good about the bands they love. Both have been model citizens when it comes to supporting causes and various organizations. Guster's Adam Gardner even formed his own non-profit (Reverb). So it's no wonder that when Patagonia launched the Patagonia Music Collective, they were two of the first bands on board. The Collective raises money for environmental organizations through the sale of downloads.

In a pair of videos produced by HeadCount, members of each band talk about the songs  they donated and the organizations they chose to support.

The video with moe. also features a live performance of their song "One Life," played at the All Good Music Festival this past summer as part of a "Challenge Set" - a bonus set played to reward fans for downloading the track at least 1,000 times. Proceeds from "One Life" support the Rainforest Action Network.

Guster's track is a live recording of "Satellite" from a performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Gardner and bandmate Luke Reynolds speak of the performance and of Reverb, which downloads of the song support.

Also included here is a video with G. Love and Samantha Stollenwerck that we released over the summer.

So enjoy the videos. And if you like a tune, throw down a buck and download it. You'll feel good every time it comes  up on your iPod.

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