Meet David Dobrik With a Drop-In From Leonardo DiCaprio by Texting Friends to Vote

You didn’t think we were done, did you? HeadCount and #GoodtoVote are bringing you one last challenge before Election Day, with our friend David Dobrik and his new bud, Leonardo DiCaprio. We’re going to fly one lucky winner to LA to hang with David for an entire afternoon. The adventure will include a drop-in by Leo too.

How do you get to be the one? #Text 5 friends and make sure they’re good to vote.

Here’s the deal... When someone gets a text from a friend encouraging them to vote, they’re as much as 8 percent more likely to cast a ballot. Seriously, it’s more powerful than just about anything.  

So David and Leo are  challenging you, their fans, to text your friends to make sure all of them are set for Election Day. You’ll use an app called Outvote, that sets the whole thing up. Once you text at least five friends by 5 PM EST on Tuesday November 3rd (E-Day), you’re entered to win.

So start texting!


CLICK HERE for more info or to enter.