Madonna Really, Really Loves Attention

In an impressive attempt to stay relevant by an artist who hasn’t topped the Billboard charts in nearly 15 years, Madonna forced a passionate french kiss upon Drake yesterday at Coachella. Am I being ageist or sexist by mocking the Queen of Pop? I have no clue. That’s a question for someone with more knowledge on gender issues and “socially acceptable behavior” to answer. But without getting into my thoughts on equality I can say this probably was a bad look for the Queen of Pop.

Regardless of this being an embarrassing career move, the video of the act is incredible to watch. Madonna goes in for the makeout session as if it’s 1992 and she can still turn a series of artsy nudes into a best-selling coffee table book and Drake reacts if he was being kissed by his least favorite Great Aunt at a night two Passover Seder his mother guilted him into attending.

Madonna was clearly going for a Nicki Minaj vibe here but all I took away was a Joe Biden vibe. Was it provocative and game-changing when she did it a dozen years ago with Britney? Not really but it bought Madge headlines. Was it provocative and game-changing this time? Definitely not, but once again the Material Girl is trending.

If Madonna wants to still be sexy, she has failed. If all she wants is to remain relevant and talked about then she succeeded. Unfortunately, following PT Barnum’s advice that “No publicity is bad publicity” puts her in Donald Trump territory. No one wants to be in Donald Trump territory, so I’d say Madonna probably needs to stop kissing younger artists on stage.