Mad Libs Your Way To Election Day

Elections are serious business. But now more than ever, we can all use a laugh when it comes to voting.

That’s why we've teamed up with Penguin Young Readers to launch an election version of Mad Libs. It makes it easier than ever for voters to create an “Election Day plan” for themselves – a practice that’s proven to increase the chances someone will vote.

Anyone can play the Election Mad Libs by visiting or texting “ELECTION” to 40649. A companion video explaining can be found here.

Voters pick nouns, verbs and adjectives, but also fill in when and where they will vote and how they’ll get there. If someone doesn’t know their polling place location, a link appears where they can easily access that information.

A study published by the Association For Psychological Science showed that Americans who plan their voting in advance are 4.1% percent more likely to turn-out on Election Day

“This is a new approach to a proven method of getting out the vote,” said our executive director Andy Bernstein. “Mad Libs is an American classic that people enjoy. So it’s a great way to help people make a voting plan.”

“Mad Libs is proud to help voters create their Election Day plans, and have fun doing so!” said Francesco Sedita, President & Publisher, Penguin Workshop.

Election Mad Libs is part of Penguin Random House’s “Book the Vote” campaign, which has seen HeadCount register voters at various author signings and appearances.

The Election Mad Libs platform was built by Phone2Action, with support provided to HeadCount by the William T. Hillman Foundation and Show Up 2018, a non-partisan movement to galvanize voter registration and turnout.