Love and HeadCount

Our volunteers don't always just find themselves with a new love of democracy after working with us. Sometimes, they find something more personal. It turns out that sharing the experience of doing good in the world while enjoying live music can be the beginning of a love story.

That's certainly true of Kansas City Team Leader Leigh Keck and Boulder Team Leader Tim Johnson, a long-distance pair that keeps the sparks flying at shows across the country.

Leigh, a huge Further fan, had decided to make the trip from Kansas to Colorado to catch their show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in September of 2012. When she arrived to volunteer, Tim was her contact.

In her own words:

I think we both had some initial attraction and were a bit giddy. It is quite an experience to stand at the top of Red Rocks and look over the venue when the venue is empty. We sat about 50 rows up and watched the running of the tarps when the doors opened.... Furthur opened with a Beatles cover, "Here Comes the Sun." We didn't get many registrations that night, but I was blown away by how supportive the crowd was of HeadCount....

Over the next few months Tim and I kept in contact and I returned to Colorado a few times for more shows, including Furthur in February 2013 at the First Bank Center. That night we got to meet Bob Weir after the show and talk about HeadCount with him. How cool is that?!?! I will definitely remember that night for the rest of my life and am glad Tim and I were able to share it.

Even though we live 600 miles apart, we travel back and forth to see each other. We have seen too many shows to count together, checked out over 40 breweries, were in Boston on Patriot's Day and saw two national championship teams last year. I am grateful that HeadCount brought us together, and we both look forward to years ahead with each other and the rest of the HeadCount family.

Thanks for sharing your story, Leigh!

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