Local organizer team expands HeadCount’s impact

Since 2004, HeadCount has mobilized young voters through concerts and festivals nationwide thanks to the great support of artists, partners and sponsors. You see these events on your Instagram feed. Maybe you've even volunteered at a show yourself.

But you may not have heard about our slower, impactful, deep dive into community events: the block parties, church events, and naturalization ceremonies where we can register even more voters in 2020 and beyond.

For years, our local volunteer leaders have worked to develop relationships with local community groups–like the Waltham, Massachusetts Boys & Girls Club or the New Orleans Musicians Clinic– to find relevant partners and new spaces to register voters. In 2018, HeadCount formalized our community outreach initiative and hired full-time staff to develop a program focused on community, diversity, and inclusion. Since then we have registered thousands of people at hundreds of community events and in classrooms around the country.

With this foundation and a tremendous amount of local community support, we have expanded even more to hire full-time community organizers in Los Angeles, Detroit, and Philadelphia– with the hope of further expansion as funding and partners become available. In just a few weeks, this phenomenal team has registered voters at churches, public health clinics, naturalization ceremonies, Black History Month festivals, employment offices and so much more - and don’t worry, they caught some great music along the way, too.

Meet our Field Organizing team:

Kelly Chambers, Philadelphia: Kelly is a Macro Social Worker and longtime HeadCount volunteer. Her background has provided essential knowledge and support for connecting our work community service providers in under-resourced communities. You'll find Kelly working out of REC Room in Philadelphia, and can be in touch to request a #DonutsForDemocracy voter registration drive supported by Federal Donuts.

Shannon Rochon, Detroit: Shannon has been organizing for 20 years, and worked campaigns for candidates ranging from the presidential to city council levels. He also leads a local youth Gospel Choir with an emphasis on youth community engagement. Shannon's position has been funded directly by Michigan residents who believe in HeadCount's methods and message to reach new voters. Keep an eye out for an upcoming official launch of the Detroit #DonutsForDemocracy program!

Damian Zamora, Los Angeles: Damian has been involved with HeadCount in a volunteer leadership capacity for years and was a clear choice for this position. Damian is routinely covering some of the country's largest naturalization ceremonies, a wide range of community events, and building out a university-based field internship program on the west coast. He also supports HeadCount's entertainment industry partnerships regularly.

If you want to be a part of this initiative, please be in touch! We’re looking for volunteers, additional events and locations to set up voter registration drives, community and business partners, and financial support to grow the program.