Keep the Music (and Relief!) Coming, for Haiti

Last year when a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, our hearts and dollars went out to them.

This year, on the anniversary of that awful event, we're proud to be partnering with our friends Causecast and Music for Relief to bring you "Download to Donate," an innovative incentive to support ongoing relief efforts in Haiti.

For donating $10 you can instantly get 29 tracks, from artists like Yeasayer, Lupe Fiasco, Kimberly Caldwell, Linkin Park and Thrice. And then, they're going to add more tracks, every month, all year. And if you've donated, you get those additional downloads too.

The need in Haiti is as great as ever. In the single year since the earthquake, Haiti has suffered a cholera outbreak as well as political turbulence and violence. Check out this multimedia slideshow from NPR about the past year in Haiti.

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