Hot fun at the Summer Camp

Are you registered to vote at your current address? The summer festival season is upon us and it’s an election year, so be prepared to hear that question a lot when you venture out to shows and music festivals. A strong team of HeadCount volunteers were out in full-force at Summer Camp in Chillicothe, IL last weekend to make it easy for every festival attendee be engaged. In addition to a huge voter registration drive, HeadCount staged our Reality Check Trivia Game Show to test fans’ knowledge of politics and music. One lucky winner walked away with an autographed Summer Camp poster.

Headcount also sponsored a workshop, which included performances by Al Schnier from moe. along with Hot Buttered Rum.

While volunteering at Summer Camp, we encountered activists and the apathetic. It can be a frustrating experience for our volunteers to talk to fans who just don’t seem to care, and we encountered plenty of people who were less than enthusiastic about participating in November’s Midterm Elections. It's easy to understand the source of this apathy based on the mountain of challenges facing our country at this moment in time, and the political gridlock that has slowed progress.

But for every disenchanted or apathetic fan we encountered, there were at least two more who were excited about the opportunity to cast their vote in November. We registered a large number of people who had recently turned 18 and it’s very rewarding to help these new voters take a step towards being active participants in our democracy. We were lucky to be in the company of many other amazing non-profit organizations who provided outlets for Summer Campers who were interested in getting involved in a variety of worthy causes. Thanks to our friends at WhyHunger, Rock The Earth, buildOn, and USTORM. Check out these fine organizations and check out the HeadCount booth at your next festival.