Hitting Goals, and Giving Away a Musical Vacation

HeadCount and iCitizen are proud to announce we have successfully achieved our goal of registering 25,000 voters for this election, and we also collected 25,000 "Pledge to Vote" postcards. Each postcard pledge was signed by a voter at one of more than 700 live music events this year, and will arrive in voters' mailboxes this week.

Everyone who completed a pledge was also entered into a drawing to win a musical vacation from Cloud 9 Adventures.

This initiative was the most successful field activation in HeadCount's 10-year history.

In celebration, we're extending it to the Web. You can pledge to vote now and be entered to win a room for two (plus $1,000 spending/travel cash) on any of four Cloud 9 Adventures musical vacations.

That includes Jam CruiseMy Morning Jacket’s One Big Holiday, Panic en La Playa or Closer to the Sun.The drawing will be on November 5th, right after the election.


With Congress having a 15% approval rate and 90% re-election rate, we can’t just sit back and complain. We’ve got to get to the polls and get behind what we believe in. So please take the pledge and follow through at the ballot box.

If you pledge, we’ll also send you an e-mail election reminder, with a link to a polling place finder, and a piece of cool digital art work that you select.

This year, every seat in the the House of Representatives, 36 senate seats and 36 governorships are up for grabs. Ballot initiatives could legalize marijuana in several states..

We encourage you to be an informed voter and take your knowledge to the polls. Download the the iCitizen app to find out how your elected officials voted on key issues, or visit the HeadCount Voter Info Hub for info on virtually any topic related to voting.

See you at the polls!