Pod Tours America with HeadCount

You've probably seen HeadCount register voters at concerts and music festivals. And you may have seen us in action at record stores, Ben & Jerry's locations and rock climbing gyms (as we did across the country on National Voter Registration Day). For this autumn we were presented with a new opportunity, to set up tables for the live-tapings of a podcast: Pod Save America.

Pod Save America is one of the country’s most downloaded podcasts. It features Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor and Dan Pfieffer, all alumni of the Obama Administration. They invited us to do non-partisan voter registration to their live-tapings. While the content of Pod Save America might be partisan, we will be doing the same strictly neutral voter registration and get-out-the-vote activity we do everywhere else. And if a right-leaning podcast wants us get involved, we'l do that too!

The HeadCount booth set-up for the tour, named Pod Tours America, will be pretty much identical to what we had going on in MSG for Phish’s Baker’s Dozen. We’ll be doing voter registration, we’ll be signing people up for TurboVote election alerts, and we’ll have our #VoteLocal photobooth set up taking pictures of everyone who stops by.

The Pod Save America tour kicked off last night in Madison, Wisconsin and it seemed awesome. We helped over 100 people take actions, over 50 folks take photos and got to enjoy some high quality banter from the Pod Save America team.

If you want to volunteer at future Pod Save America dates, sign up here.

HeadCount has partnered with Pod Save America and Crooked Media for the purpose of providing non-partisan voter registration and voter information services to the public. HeadCount does not endorse or oppose the opinions expressed on the Pod Save America podcast by its hosts and guests. We provide voter registration assistance on a strictly nonpartisan basis to any U.S. citizen age 18 or over without regard to political affiliation, race, religion, or age. HeadCount does not endorse, support or coordinate with any political party or candidates for elected office, or take positions on any ballot initiatives.