February Team Leader of the Month

HeadCount has the best volunteers in music and we want the whole world to know. We tried shouting it from various rooftops but after a few rooftops our voices got a little hoarse and we realized no one was listening to us. So instead we decided to highlight a different volunteer Team Leader every month. For the month of February we are celebrating JS Martin, HeadCount's Team Leader in Portland, Oregon.

Name: JS Martin

Location: Portland, Oregon

Alma Mater: Eastern Washington University Go Eagles!

Favorite Artist: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. He is the coolest of the cool.

Top Issues: Stricter gun ownership regulations tops my list. Followed by sustainable energy and environmental protections.

Hobbies: Running, biking, chasing waterfalls.

Best HeadCount Experience: My best HeadCount experiences is my next HeadCount experience. But other highlights include seeing the pride on a fathers face as his 18 year-old registered for the first time at a Railroad Earth show. Someone coming up to the table during David Crosby to thank us for being there. Being invited to introduce Beats Antique from the Crystal Stage. Sleeping on (San Francisco Team Leader) Nicole's floor during Outside Lands. Phish at The Gorge. There are great experiences to be had at every show, every festival and every event. I am thankful for them all!