Chris and Keely’s Festival Adventure Part 5: Gathering of the Vibes

Since I’m not an East Coast girl, Gathering of the Vibes 2011 was my first Vibes experience. Chris and I can both agree that this was a fantastic way to end our summer tour, as Vibes was chock full of great music, great people and of course, great vibes. The oldest of the festivals we went to this summer, Gathering of the Vibes was well organized and truly a family gathering in Seaside Park.

The heat throughout the weekend was unbelievable, but our HeadCount team was full of troopers. The breeze coming off the Long Island Sound was probably the saving grace, as the heat index reached 110 degrees. The extreme temperatures left Chris convinced it was possible to cook an omelet on the hood of a car, or maybe with all the vibes in the air, an “ohm-let” if you are heady enough, that is.  Festival goers were excited to take part in our "Signs of the Times" photo contest and we got some really great entries throughout the weekend. Chris and the all-star HeadCount interns Adam and Jane managed to get some wonderful artists to take part in the contest including John Butler, Big Gigantic, Mickey Hart, Keller Williams, Tea Leaf Green and more.

Something else Chris and I can agree on was how amazing Friday was for us. We helped facilitate a meet and greet with Bob Weir as part of a HeadCount fundraiser. (Naturally, we got him to do a Signs of the Times photo for us, too.) Chris has had the pleasure of meeting Bobby before, but this was my first time. He's one of the most amazing musicians of our time, so suffice it to say I was a bit starstruck. And it was awesome. Not only did I get to be in one of the pictures with him, but I got to watch the Furthur show from the "pit" along with HeadCount staff and the donors who paid to attend the meet and greet. I don’t think I have to tell you how absolutely incredible that was. It was a more than perfect way to end the festival tour and Chris and I are so very grateful to HeadCount for all the opportunities we have had this summer on the road.

While Vibes was so fun, Chris and I knew that with each passing day we were getting closer to the final day of our festival adventures together.  In Chris’s words,

This being the final chapter in my summer adventure I am afraid it is a sort of sign off, so to all two of my readers -- Hey mom and dad! -- I say, hope you enjoyed it because I know I sure did. Sleep was elusive this summer, at times energy was too, but through the sweat of my brow and the encouragement of friends along the way, I survived. I learned a lot and sharpened my skills as a HeadCount activist. I've gained many new tools and I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned this summer throughout the rest of this year and into 2012, when crunch time really begins.

Well said my friend. We learned a lot this summer and enjoyed each other’s company rolling around the East Coast in our Town and Country van (me looking like a soccer mom) and are sad to see the adventure come to an end. Thanks again HeadCount and to all the people we’ve worked with along the way to spread democracy, have some fun, enjoy some amazing music and learn what it’s really all about.