Ariana Grande, Woodstock 50 & Other Volunteer Opportunities

This has been quite the week for HeadCount, we've started a huge partnership with Ariana Grande, and we're part of the team that announced the lineup for Woodstock 50, which will be quite the special blend of music and activism.

We are registering voters at every Ariana Grande show on her Sweetener Tour, helping fans become a part of the #thankunextgen – a program we designed with her to register voters, help contact legislators, and remind younger fans to register on their 18th birthdays. Text ARIANA to 40649 to get started!

Wanna volunteer? Sign up here.

This is one of many great tours we're joining across the country. Head here to see the full list of shows we'll be at. If you're new at this, you can create a HeadCount volunteer profile here.

We're also excited to announce a partnership to turn the most iconic festival ever into 3 Days of Peace, Love, Music & Participation. We'll be representing at Woodstock 50, the biggest music event of the summer, celebrating one of the biggest music events of all time.

Want to get involved? Head here to sign up to volunteer with us at Woodstock (Watkins Glen, NY, August 16-18, 2019). Or head here to create a volunteer profile to join us at shows we'll be registering voters at this year near your home.

We hope to see you at a show, festival or cultural event soon!