Announcing the HeadCount Board Member Lunch Series

I eat lunch almost every day of the week. Generally I have one of two types of lunches. The first type involves me eating a sandwich alone while hunched over my computer, checking emails and hoping no mayo falls onto my keyboard. The second type of lunch is drastically different. The second type of lunch happens when I’m not in a time crunch; it includes lots of laughter and conversation with co-workers in a relaxed manner, discussions of the news of the day, and the opportunity for me to hear their brilliant insights on a variety of topics.

With the HeadCount Board Member Lunch Series, we want you to have that second type of lunch. A lunch that lasts longer than a Ramones song.  A lunch that is greater than just a meal. And most importantly, a lunch full of fascinating discussions with fascinating people. That is why for the first time in our organization’s history we are auctioning off the opportunity to have lunch with the amazing members of HeadCount’s board of directors!

The bidding for this auction opened on November 16th, and runs through December 2nd. If you are interested in these unique lunch opportunities place your bid at

If you have read this far I’m sure you know that our board includes beloved musicians like Bob Weir and Marc Brownstein. But you probably didn’t realize John McCrea of CAKE sits on our board. Or that we have an Emmy-Award winning documentarian, the manager of Wilco, one of Phish’s manager, multiple radio hosts at SiriusXM, and the co-founders of the Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, High Sierra and Electric Forest festivals. One of the minds behind ticketing giant TicketFly, a top talent buyer for AEG, and of course, independent concert promoter Pete Shapiro, who got my favorite guitarist to play with my favorite band in my 6th favorite city. We also have some DC board members powerful enough to (possibly) have House of Cards characters based on them. And then those that have climbed the corporate ladder, crushing real estate deals worth totals I can’t believe.

I could gush for hours about how talented our board is, but you should take a look yourself and place a bid. Because while hurriedly eating lunch while juggling your iPhone and Blackberry might be your usual routine, an unusual lunch with a badass HeadCount Board Member might be just what you need!

Below is the complete list of HeadCount’s board members participating in the lunch series.