Can I vote if I am a convicted felon?

By Laurie Lenninger on February 3, 2016

Laws vary from state to state. In some, your rights are restored automatically once your sentence or parole period ends. In others you must petition to have your rights restored. You should not register to vote if you are not aware of the status of your civil rights. For a comprehensive look at state-by-state felon…

Can I register if I have US citizenship, but am living abroad and don’t have my own permanent address in the USA?

By clara on April 12, 2012

YES. In this case you must register at the last address you had before you left the USA, or at the address to which you will return. If the latter, you may not simply pick the place you would like to return to in an ideal world; there must be some indication of a present…

How long does it take to process my registration?

By clara on

It can take several weeks. Most states send out voter registration cards within 5 to 7 weeks after receiving the registration. If you do not receive a registration card in the mail, contact your state election office to confirm you are registered. In any event, you should verify your registration a week prior to the…

Can I check to see if I’m registered to vote?

By clara on

You can verify your voter registration status online or by phone in most states. Links and phone numbers can be found at HeadCount Verify My Registration page.

Do I need to pick a party when I register to vote?

By clara on

NO. However, some states require that you be enrolled with a party to vote in that party’s primary election. If you do not choose a party, enter “No party” on your voter registration form. To find out more information regarding your state’s political parties, visit the HeadCount Voter Info Hub or your state election website.

Will I get called to jury duty if I register to vote?

By clara on

Possibly, but you might get called even if you are not registered. Motor vehicle registration, driver’s licenses, and utility records are all used for the purpose of calling citizens in for jury duty, in addition to voter registration lists.

I’m not 18, but will be by election day. Can I register?

By clara on

In some states, YES. In all but a few states you are entitled to register to vote if you will be 18 by the upcoming election day. In the following states you can only register if your 18th birthday is within a certain number of days/months: AK – 90 days; GA – 6 months; IA…

What should I bring with me to the polls?

By clara on

Laws vary from state to state. You can visit HeadCount’s Voter ID Requirements page to get specific information about your state. In some states you will need to show a valid photo ID that includes your address and/or your signature (such as a driver’s license). In most (but not all) of these states a student…

Can I register to vote at my student address?

By clara on

YES. But you should provide your official campus mailing address as well as the actual physical address of your residence. You are allowed to register to vote at your school address (including on campus addresses). However, you must have some sort of proof of address and residency that can be presented at your polling place. For…

I don’t live at the address on my driver’s license. Can I register at my new address?

By clara on

Yes, you should re-register each time you move. You may register at your current address regardless what address is on your driver’s license. BUT, you could be kept from voting if you do not bring a document with your current address to the polls that meets the requirements of the state of your residence. Most…