I think my voting rights have been denied. What do I do?

By Laurie Lenninger on February 3, 2016

Call the voting rights hotline at 866 OUR-VOTE. They have lawyers ready to help you. You can also email HeadCount at [email protected] and we’ll try to help you out.

What is a provisional ballot?

By Laurie Lenninger on

A provisional ballot is used when a voter’s eligibility cannot be confirmed at the polls. Often this occurs due to out-of-precinct voting, if the voter has not updated their address on their voter registration or more often if the voter cannot provide sufficient identification. The laws governing the use of provisional ballots vary by state….

What if I go to the polls and they tell me I’m not registered?

By Laurie Lenninger on

First, make sure you are at the correct polling place. Click here to call your state election office and verify your registration. You can also use our online Polling Place Finder. If you can not find your polling place or verify that you are in fact registered, the best thing to do is fill out…

How do I know where to vote?

By clara on April 12, 2012

Find your polling place by visiting the website of your state election office or calling your state election office or visiting the HeadCount Polling Place Finder. Note that updated information is often not available until shortly before Election Day. You may receive a voter information card/certificate in the mail that will direct you to your polling place….

Is my voter card an acceptable form of ID?

By clara on April 8, 2012

In most states, a voter card is NOT considered acceptable ID. For a full list of what is acceptable in your state, visit the HeadCount Voter ID page.

Do I need to bring my voter card?

By clara on

NO. A voter card is not required to vote. It’s a convenient reminder of where your polling place is, but you will not be asked to show it at the polls.

I only have a student ID, can I vote?

By clara on

In many states, a valid Student ID is acceptable identification at the polls. For a simple breakdown of which states require what, check your individual state ID requirements here for more details.  

I moved within my state and haven’t gotten a new license. It’s from the same state, but my address is different. Can I use this ID to vote?

By clara on

In almost all cases, YES. But keep in mind, under Federal law, anyone who is voting for the first time in a given voting district may be required to show proof of residency regardless of the state, so again, it’s smart to bring proof of residence like a utility bill, pay-stub or rental agreement if…

I have an out of state driver’s license, because I moved and haven’t gotten a new one. With all of these new Voter ID laws, can I use this ID to vote?

By clara on

In about two thirds of U.S. states, the answer is YES, but keep in mind that under Federal Law, anyone who is voting for the first time in a given voting district may be required to show proof of residency, so it’s smart to bring a utility bill, paystub or rental agreement if you’re new…

What kind of ID do I need to vote?

By clara on

A full list of each state’s ID requirements can be found here. You may have been hearing about photo IDs. Many states currently require or request photo ID, but each one asks for something different. So please see our interactive map for the specifics on your state. Student IDs are accepted in all but a…