Employee Volunteer Program

Thanks for your company’s commitment to civic engagement! Below you’ll find all the information to share with your employees about volunteering with HeadCount.

Employee Engagement Explainer

Please utilize your dedicated PARTNER CODE for employees to sign up with HeadCount and be given priority access to volunteer at events. If you need your partner code again, please email [email protected]


More information about corporate volunteering can be found HERE.

Announcing the Partnership & Recruiting Volunteers

Below are some suggested recruitment communications for your employees, which should be shared via regular company communication channels.




Pick a graphic HERE.


PARTNER is partnering with HeadCount, a nonpartisan voter registration organization – to give employees VIP volunteer opportunities at concerts, music festivals, sports games, and more! Help register voters at your favorite events. To sign-up head to www.headcount.org/volunteer and use the partner referral code PARTNER CODE.





Want to catch your favorite artist or sports team, or attend a music festival you never thought you would – all while making a positive impact? We’re excited to tell you about an exclusive volunteer opportunity with our partner HeadCount, a non-partisan voter registration group that helps register voters at all types of events!


Just sign up as a volunteer here, using our partner referral code, PARTNER CODE, and look for upcoming shows. Once you have your volunteer profile set up, you can see upcoming opportunities and sign up to volunteer as often as you’d like. It all starts by clicking here!


The 2024 election is fast approaching, and local elections are happening across the country. We want the voice of the PARTNER community to be heard. So help everyone get registered and ready to vote by volunteering with HeadCount today!


Any questions? Reach out to your PARTNER CONTACT, or the HeadCount Partnerships Team at [email protected].              

How To Become a Volunteer

View, share or download slides HERE.

Have a volunteer profile already? No problem. On the intranet click edit profile to add or edit a code under your name. 

Reporting & More Info

The HeadCount Partnerships Team will issue impact reports at the conclusion of the partnership, which will detail total volunteer events and voters engaged. For more information or any issues with the program, please contact [email protected].


Questions or comments? Contact [email protected]  

For more information, reach out to [email protected].