Trends in Music and Society

Studying Music Abroad, All Expenses Paid.

Do you want to study abroad? Yeah. Do you want to do it with someone else’s money? Hell yeah. Want to study international music culture while you’re there? Well my friends, you should know that The Fulbright Scholarship has taken a turn toward the musical.

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Anti-bullying Video Going Viral

If you put a few hundred adolescents together in a relatively confined space for months on end, hormones will rage, insecurities will be magnified, developing personalities will clash, and bullying will happen. I see it every day at the middle school where I teach, and I know that what I see in my classroom and the hallways is only part of the story.

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5 Political Apps for iPhone

Thanks to some genius apps, voting and political life just got a little easier. Here are 5 apps to download that promise to make the election more fun.

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#ReGeneration – Interview with STS9 and the Filmmakers

HeadCount blogger Jon Perri discusses the documentary ReGeneration with the film’s producers and STS9.

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New App Brings Iconic Music Photography to Your iPad

A new app allows you to peer into the mind of legendary music photographer Danny Clinch.

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Registering Voters at Occupy Wall Street

HeadCount volunteers and interns have been hitting “Occupy Wall Street” to register voters. The reactions have been eye-opening.

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21st Century Protest Songs Have a Digital Home

As Occupy Wall Street grows, the movement’s unofficial soundtrack is coming together on Facebook and SoundCloud

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Interview: “The Bunk Police” Testing Drugs at Music Festivals

A group of festival goers calling themselves the Bunk Police are on a mission to test the purity of some of the illegal drugs being sold on shakedown streets of music festivals around the country. They’re finding that more often than not, things are not what they seem.

Artists Speak Out with “Signs of the Times”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than what do you get when mixing pictures, words and musicians? — How ’bout a virtual imprint of the American psyche, straight from the minds of James Murphy, Questlove, Wayne Coyne, Bob Weir and more than 50 other artists?

Interview: Blitzen Trapper’s Eric Earley

Blitzen Trapper’s Eric Earley talks about how life informs music, a forthcoming album, and the track his band donated to the Patagonia Music Collective to support an Oregon-based volunteer initiative.