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Interview: Filmmaker Ray Griggs on Conservative Doc “I Want Your Money”

Hollywood is so liberal that crew members asked to not be listed in the credits for the conservative documentary “I Want Your Money.” But director Ray Griggs was undeterred, and managed to get his film in 500 theaters this week.

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New Orleans Musicians: Sorry Ain’t Enough No More (VIDEO)

NOLA residents and musicians Shamarr Allen, Dee-1, Paul Sanchez and Bennie from the Hot 8 are pissed about the BP oil spill.

How Low Can Concert Tix Go?

After suffering rising ticket prices for the past several years, concertgoers are suddenly awash in discount ducats.

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Could Afghanistan become “the Saudi Arabia of Lithium”?

Well, that’s what the Pentagon is saying. A United States mineral surveyor has released a study that says close to 1 trillion dollars worth of minerals have been discovered in Afghanistan.

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I need a freakin job.

President Obama took the stage on his Main Street Economic Tour in Buffalo, New York and noticed that all eyes weren’t affixed on him. A sign reading “Dear Mr. President, I need a freakin job. Period.” was displayed in front of him, slightly upstaging the leader of the free world. The sign – and similar…

A Spring Fling to Remember

With the end of school approaching, many students and graduates find themselves in a transitional stage while moving home, starting a new job or simply having a summer of freedom. If that’s you, then it’s also the best possible time to give a little of your free time and volunteer for a cause. Maybe you’ll…

America’s Economy A Giant Ponzi Scheme?

You’ve probably read The Great American Bubble Machine,” Matt Taibi’s famous 2009 Rolling Stone takedown of Goldman Sachs. That’s the article in which he described the world’s most powerful investment bank as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.” These days…

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Class of 2010 Gets Graduation Gift of Healthcare

Fulltime students are usually kept on their parents insurance through college, but when graduation time rolls around they’re expected to find a job that provides benefits, buy an expensive individual policy or more common, go without healthcare and pray that their good health continues. Part of Obama’s new Health Care Reform law would enable young…

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Coal, Climate Change, Copenhagen, Canada

Even as the snow-topped peaks of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia melt before our eyes during the Winter Olympics, the coal industry wants to remind us how important “clean coal” is for creating affordable energy and future jobs. The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) is running TV ads during the games to champion coal…

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Poor You: Economist Samuel Bowles Has Some Bad News

A Santa Fe economist has some sobering facts and figures for you. It turns out that New Mexico is losing jobs more than a hundred times faster than the state’s Economic Development Department is creating them – and you could probably extrapolate those grim numbers to many other states. According to this must-read story in…

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