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Interview: Tom Hamilton talks about Occupy Philly

Tom Hamilton, guitarist for Brothers Past and American Babies, has been an active participant in Occupy Philly since the movement started. Here, he talks about why.

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Power Dynamic Shifting Between People and Banks

Bank of America dropped its $5 monthly fee for debit cards. “National Bank Transfer Day” is tomorrow, with thousands of people expected to pull their money from large banks. Has the power shifted to the people?

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A Critique of the Critic: Another View on the Wall Street Protest

The conversation about Occupy Wall Street continues… Responding to a blog post yesterday, a reader-turned blogger says “The system is obviously broken, and… average Americans are finally standing up for their rights. They deserve respect.”

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Warren Buffett: Tax the Rich!

Billionaire Warren Buffett’s plea to raise taxes on the rich might seem strange at first, but after hearing his arguments it doesn’t seem strange at all.

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Role Reversal: Homeowner Forecloses on Bank of America

A story of how the little guy turned the table on Bank of America has one HeadCount blogger smiling.

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Cops and Presidents Come Out for Legalization

Today is the 40th Anniversary of America’s war on drugs. To mark the occasion, a group of law enforcement officials have come out stronger than ever of legalization, and former President Jimmy Carter is backing them up.

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Democrat Evokes The White Stripes on the House Floor

As the threat of a government shutdown loomed last week, Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD) channeled her inner Jack White to relay her party’s message to young people of the nation on the House floor.

What Would You Do With a Trillion Dollars?

The not-for-profit, American Friends Service Committee, is asking young people just that, via a video contest.

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Deficit Debate Hitting Real Close to Home

Apparently, the best person to take responsibility for cutting the deficit is… me.

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Questions about the job market? Ask the President

Job seekers on can ask the President questions about the job market

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