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Inside the Shutdown: Week 3 – The End is Nigh (Supposedly)!

Our D.C. team leader updates us on what it’s like to be furloughed, waiting, and unsure of what comes next, and calls on Americans to take on the responsibility of electing representatives that won’t let this happen again.

Don’t Blame Congress for the Government Shutdown: An Open Letter to America

Guest contributor Alex Rinear argues that the government shutdown is ultimately the fault of the American people — particularly those who decline to vote. He calls on Americans to show up, be heard, and change Congress in 2014.

Inside the Shutdown: Week 2 Begins

As the second week of the government shutdown begins, our D.C. team leader reflects on how this looks to a seasoned federal employee, and what it’s like to live in a city that “seems to be in chaos.”

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Inside the Shutdown: Day 2

Our D.C. Team Leader fears the worst as he digs in for what could be a very long furlough, and offers insight as to how this shutdown is — and isn’t — affecting public opinion.

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Inside the Shutdown: Day 1

Our D.C. Team Leader, a furloughed government employee, takes us inside the government shutdown — and what it means to those affected.

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Engineering Immigration Reform, Virtually

Can online activists incite change on immigration policy? They think the answer is yes.

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What’s Next for Occupy?

Spring is in the air. Will Occupy reignite?

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Interview: Amanda Palmer Rages Against Wall Street

Music and musicians have been at the heart of the Occupy movement. And while there may not be a single anthem that defines the cause; a notable, and badass artist who has used her voice to stand with the 99% is Amanda Palmer. We got a chance to catch up with her about her thoughts on the power of music and her hopes for what the movement is really occupying in all of us.

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Interview: Roger McNamee. Musician, Investor, Occupier

One of Silicon Valley’s most successful investors has been hitting Occupy events all over the country, bringing a Wall Street insider perspective to the movement

State Department to Delay Keystone XL Pipeline…Politics or Public Good?

In the wake of arrests and demonstrations, the decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline has been delayed until 2013. Both critics and supporters say the Obama administration was influenced by the protests. Could this be the sign of a new dynamic in Washington?

A delay on the Keystone XL pipeline project is be

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