Sustainability and Climate Change

Turning Sh*t Into Gold

Flushing for a cause! Here’s how one company is turning sh*t into gold for people and the environment.

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Sustainability & Climate Change Issue Update: The GOP, Sustainability and Climate Change

Coming into Iowa, candidates stumped on a range of issues, including sustainability and climate change. Here’s where the 2012 hopefuls stand on the issue.

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A Real Whodunnit: The Oil Spill Blame Game

A parade of mega-corporate lawsuits stemming from the Gulf oil spill are doing nothing to address the needs of citizens, a HeadCount blogger argues.

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A Sustainable Answer to Invasive Species… Put them on the Menu

The hottest Sushi restaurant in New Haven, CT is serving up invasive species – and fighting environmental destruction in the process.

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State Department to Delay Keystone XL Pipeline…Politics or Public Good?

In the wake of arrests and demonstrations, the decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline has been delayed until 2013. Both critics and supporters say the Obama administration was influenced by the protests. Could this be the sign of a new dynamic in Washington?

A delay on the Keystone XL pipeline project is be

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Coachella 2012 in Limbo Over Environmental Issues

Coachella in limbo? The city that hosts the indy-rock extravaganza has not yet signed a contract with the promoters of the event. They’re too busy fending off environmental concerns raised by the city next door.

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moe., Guster Play for the Environment (VIDEO)

Guster and moe. donated tracks to the Patagonia Music Collective to support environmental groups. In two short videos, they perform and discuss the causes they are backing.

Why’s Everyone Getting Arrested Outside the White House?

1,253 environmental activists were arrested last month in what some are saying was the biggest civil disobedience action since 1977.

Space Junk is Getting Out of Control

Think the Earth is a big garbage dump? Well now space junk is becoming a problem.

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Government Raids Gibson Guitars

Gibson got raided by the Feds for allegedly importing endangered wood. But it’s the Feds – who have not charged Gibson with any violations – who are coming under fire.

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