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Music Keeps Me Moving

It has always been a goal and a dream of mine to work in the music business. I love to be involved in the production of shows, and to know I had something to do with a crowd full of smiling faces and dancing feet is one of my favorite feelings.  One could imagine the…

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After 8 Years, Live Earth is Coming Back

Pharrell Williams and Al Gore have announced worldwide Live Earth event happening June 15th. This will be the second Live Earth event since 2007.

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Movers, Shakers, Music Lovers: Ken Bazinet

This year, HeadCount is taking a deeper look at the people who make and report the news in Washington, D.C. — and we’re talking to them about (what else?) music.

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Music Saves (More) Lives (Than You Know)

Did you know that every blood donor saves three lives? Music Saves Lives did, and they also knew that music fans love to give back.

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A Simple Symbol of Friendship and Hope

Flowers and a photo won’t stop a war on the other side of the world. But it’s tiny acts of love and solidarity, echoed across social media, that plant the seeds of peace.

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Israel-Palestine Conflict Rocking the Music World

With artists being asked to take a stand on the Israel-Palestine conflict, perhaps it’s an opportunity to open up a healthy dialogue. Right now though, the bitterness of the debate is reflected in the outcries and backlash that meet artists who visit Israel, or refuse to.

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A Humble Bonnaroovian Adventure

Bonnaroo 2014 wasn’t just about Kanye. For us, it was also about our amazing partners iCitizen, yoga at dawn, democracy on The Farm, and the musicians who brought their A game.

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Movers, Shakers, Music Lovers: Andy Sere

“I got involved with the Young Republicans in high school sophomore year and the next year got heavily into Phish.”

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Movers, Shakers, Music Lovers: Steve Liesman, CNBC

In our blog series Movers, Shakers, Music Lovers, wemeet Steve Liesman, CNBC’s senior economics reporter, and talk about how the music of the Grateful Dead shaped his life.

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Madonna, Katy Perry Launch #GayPropaganda on Eve of Olympics

As a controversial Olympics begins in Sochi, Russia, Katy Perry and Madonna are promoting gay rights with the (We Are) GayPropaganda campaign — and shining a light on recent Russian human rights abuses.

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