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“Liberal Massachusetts” Reacts to Goalie Snubbing Obama

When Stanley Cup-winning goaltender Tim Thomas refused to meet the president in protest of “out of control” government, controversy ensued – even among HeadCount’s biggest hockey fans.

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Live From TRI: A First-Hand Account

A HeadCount volunteer got to attend Bob Weir & RatDog’s live performance at TRI Studios last night. Here’s a pic and observations.

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Volunteer of the Month: Charlie Blatt

Sayin’ thanks to HeadCount’s Volunteer of the Month, Charlie Blatt!

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Interview: Roger McNamee. Musician, Investor, Occupier

One of Silicon Valley’s most successful investors has been hitting Occupy events all over the country, bringing a Wall Street insider perspective to the movement

Wall Street Protesters Don’t Know What They’re Asking For

A HeadCount blogger says the Wall Street protestors have no idea what they are protesting about, and need a little schooling on how the world economic system really works.

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moe., Guster Play for the Environment (VIDEO)

Guster and moe. donated tracks to the Patagonia Music Collective to support environmental groups. In two short videos, they perform and discuss the causes they are backing.

Classes Cancelled for Wall Street Protest

A HeadCount intern tells how his professors joined a student walkout in support of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

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A Personal Journey to Occupy Wall Street

Starting with “Civil Disobedience Training” the day before “Occupy Wall Street” began, a HeadCount intern tells how the organized chaos of the protest has formed the backdrop for a uniquely personal journey.

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Artist Gwen AP On: Art, Education and Finding Herself

In our continuing series of interviews with live painters, Gwen AP tells how she went from painting in the crowd to painting on stage.

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Thousands Speak Out To Stop Sept. 21 Execution

Troy Davis is scheduled to be executed in Georgia on Sept. 21st. Many believe he is innocent, and half a million people have signed a petition to save his life.

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