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Chad & Charlie

When Meeting Your Heroes Goes Right

My first HeadCount volunteer experience was nearly six years ago. I don’t remember the show but I remember the reasons I signed up to volunteer. It was a fantastic way to explore my interest in political participation with the added benefit of seeing an abundance of live music. I quickly discovered the benefits exceeded my…


Marc Brownstein’s First Time

Are you ready to laugh? Watch this video featuring Marc Brownstein (Disco Biscuits, Electron, Conspirator) and Jeremy Salken (Big Gigantic) offering a tongue-in-cheek description of their first time voting that kind of sounds like their first time partaking in another activity… The video is a piece we helped produce with our friends at Mashable to…

TI HeadCount

Internet Explodes Over T.I.’s Sexist Voting Preferences

T.I. said that women are definitely not qualified to be president and I said yes to writing a blog about it. I thought Why Not? After all, as a rash and emotional decision-maker in my own feminine right, I am going to vote in the upcoming election. And the person I vote for could be a woman. Ironically,…


Madonna Really, Really Loves Attention

Madonna goes in for the makeout session as if it’s 1992 and she can still turn a series of artsy nudes into a best-selling coffee table book and Drake reacts if he was being kissed by his least favorite Great Aunt at a night two Passover Seder his mother guilted him into attending.


The Best Way to Hit a Festival

Festival season is coming and HeadCount will be at more than 35 festivals this year (see the full schedule and volunteer). At select festivals, we’re excited to announce we will also offer special meet-the-artist experiences, exclusively from HeadCount, that include VIP tickets through our auction page. Some very specials fans will get to chill with guys from My Morning…

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart’s Replacement Should Not be Another White Guy

Stewart’s final show is yet undecided but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from exploding with speculation regarding the identity of his successor and after tirelessly skimming online media for answers I have emerged with only one conclusion: If (we) the people have any say in the matter—his replacement will not be a white man.

HeadCount Jam Cruise

HeadCount on Jam Cruise

Jam Cruise is unlike anything that I’ve ever done. And being able to experience it with a group of like-minded HeadCounters made the sweetest musical experience even sweeter.

McGill students film their vote mob video for the 2011 federal election on campus. Apr 14 2011

Disappointed by Youth Voter Turnout? Take Another Look

Youth voter turnout actually increased in 2014, despite overall turnout hitting its lowest level in 72 years.

Hurricane Sandy

Just Doing It: A Journey To The Philippines

Veteran HeadCount volunteer Laura Scalet didn’t have a plan when she followed her heart to the Philippines after a devastating typhoon. But the purpose and community she found there would deeply change not just her life, but also those of the people she’s helped.


The Facts About “Dropoff Voters”

Do you vote in the Presidential Election, but not again for another four years? You’re not alone.