Gulf Coast Recovery

The Gulf Oil Spill is Your Fault, and Mine

Through detailed investigation and heartbreaking images and stories, Dr. Carl Safina answers the questions: “what does the Gulf oil disaster really mean and why did it happen?”

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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: While the Oil Has Stopped, the Toxic Flow From BP Execs Has Not

The gulf coast oil spill has produced a wellspring of concern about Gulf Coast Recovery from people across the nation, including Jimmy Buffett and Pearl Jam.

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Dave Matthews asks: Will You Be the One?

In a new ad, over 20 celebritites including, Dave Mathews, John Goodman, James Carville, Sandra Bullock, and Lenny Kravitz, are encouraging people from all over the country to sign a petition demanding funding to ensure a clean and safe gulf for our generation as well as future ones.

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Did BP Trade Lockerbie Bomber’s Freedom for Oil?

The goopy oil that has finally been contained from the Gulf of Mexico has forever made the U.S. skeptical of BP’s business dealings.

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New Orleans Musicians: Sorry Ain’t Enough No More (VIDEO)

NOLA residents and musicians Shamarr Allen, Dee-1, Paul Sanchez and Bennie from the Hot 8 are pissed about the BP oil spill.

Environmentalists are to blame for the Gulf Shore Oil Spill?

Sarah Palin loves Facebook, and Oil. So in her latest Facebook post she argues that Environmentalists are to blame…

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Interview: Widespread Panic’s John Bell Keeps His Shiny Side Up

According to John Bell, the title track of Widespread Panic’s eleventh studio album, Dirty Side Down, arrived almost as an afterthought.

Using Social Media to Stage a Movement

I wanted to organize a lil protest against BP and offshore drilling. It had been exactly one month since the oil spill began. One month of non-stop poison continuously flowing into the Gulf, making its way toward the Loop Current and Florida’s Keys and beaches. In the history of history, this is undoubtedly the single…

Hangout Festival Review

“Excuse our appearance while we throw the biggest beach party ever!” This was the text from a lone sign that hung on one of the fences at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL this past weekend. They weren’t kidding. Hangout pulled off a festival on the beach just about as well as anybody…

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BP Says Oil Spill is “Modest” but Won’t Let Journalists Film

The disaster wreaking havoc on the Gulf seems to get worse and more bizarre each day. Despite being able to see the oil spill from space, BP chief executive Tony Hayward  has these reassuring words: “It is impossible to say and we will mount, as part of the aftermath, a very detailed environmental assessment. But…

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