Gulf Coast Recovery

Dispatch from Jam Cruise: New Orleans Musicians Speak Frankly About the State of the Gulf

Jam Cruise 9 was a celebration of the great music of New Orleans. We sat poolside with George Porter Jr., Big Sam, Anders Osborne, Jojo Herman (Widespread Panic) and Rich Vogel (Galactic) to get their take on the state of the Gulf Coast, and lots of other things.

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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: An Eye-Witness Report from the Gulf

Where I can, I try to report on the positive things happening in the Gulf. But after my last update, I got a little wakeup call from Galactic guitarist Jeff Raines.

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New Pornographers and Oxfam team up to raise awareness on Gulf Coast distasters

Concerned over the waning media coverage of the disasters in the Gulf Coast, indie-rockers The New Pornographers teamed up with Oxfam to create a video to raise awareness.

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Pearl Jam and Friends Urge Obama to Ensure Gulf’s “Survival”

HeadCount artists Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket, Bonnie Raitt Galactic and The Indigo Girls, along with over 80 other musicians and bands sent an open letter to President Obama urging him to dedicate more funding to restoring the Gulf Coast.

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Sustainability & Climate Change Issue Update: A slow and slippery recovery

The Government did issue a report on August 4 that said 75% of the oil had been cleaned up, but since then that figure has come under fire.

Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: Five Years Down the Road, the Storm Continues

Sunday marked the 5-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. With this historic date, comes a flood (sorry, couldn’t resist) of retrospectives, tributes and, of course, horrific tales.

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New Orleans inspired musicians to gather for a cause 5 years after Katrina

Five years after the hurricane, today, musicians from various genres got together, thanks to Air Traffic Control and Future of Music Coalition, to pay homage to a unique culture with a compilation of influential New Orleans grooves called Dear New Orleans.

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Sustainability and Climate Change Issue Update: Lawsuits in the Wake of the Oil Spill

The Gulf Coast BP oil leak has been plugged with cement. Is that the end of it? Not exactly…

[Update] Dave Matthews asks: Will You Be the One?

DeSmog Blog reports that the campaign is backed by polluting big oil companies with questionable motives.

Listening to New Orleans

Now with the help of an one of a kind interactive sound map, any one in the world can get a taste of NOLA’s spirit, while bypassing the humidity.

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