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Food & Farm Policy Issue Update: Parties Break Bread Over Food Safety

From genetically modified foods to rotten eggs, it’s good to see the government stepping up with the Food Modernization Act.

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Interview: Conscious Alliance’s Justin Levy and Rock the Earth’s Marc Ross

One core idea behind HeadCount is that the music community is capable of organizing from within and bettering the planet. No two organizations share that belief and spirit more than Conscious Alliance and Rock the Earth.

A Real Happy Meal

Municipalities are lining up to ban Happy Meals. But instead of just keeping toys out of high calorie meals, why not adding toys to healthy ones?

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Less Sperm; Less Balls – Cali Senate Does About-Face on Dangerous Chemical

The California Senate has reversed itself on a legislation that would keep kids’ products free of BPA – a chemical which has been shown to reduce sperm count

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Food & Farm Policy Issue Update: Frankenfish and Other Scary Eats

Some unsettling news has come across my desk; the creation of the… FRANKENFISH.

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Farm Aid Rocks Milwaukee for Sustainable Farms

This past weekend, some of Rock and Roll’s finest musicians and over 35,000 fans joined together at Milwaukee’s Miller Park for the 25th annual Farm Aid concert.

“Eat ’em like you’re hung over”

Lampooning and competing with sugary, cheesy and exaggerated junk food pushers across the world, “A Bunch of Baby Carrot Farmers” have created an edgy, $25 million marketing campaign to play up nature’s junk food.

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Lose your lunch: 1.5 million tainted sandwiches

Regardless of which came first, it is not advised to eat either the chicken or the egg these days. OK, that’s not true. The Tyson selection of meat that was recalled due to Listeria monocytogenes (say what?!) included mostly ham and roast beef, not chicken, but still, two major recalls in less than a month? Either the system of checks and balances within the food industry is failing even more miserably or the media is simply paying more attention. Regardless, something needs to change.

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Food and Farm Policy Update: Rockin’ for Food

HeadCount artists Willie Nelson and Dave Matthews are among those who will be at this year’s installment of Farm Aid

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Sustainability and Climate Change Issue Update: Lawsuits in the Wake of the Oil Spill

The Gulf Coast BP oil leak has been plugged with cement. Is that the end of it? Not exactly…