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As Two Lawsuits Challenge Voting Laws, Florida Prepares a New Purge

Election officials don’t seem too afraid of the DOJ or Eric Holder, who’s pledged to fight voter discrimination wherever he finds it. While he gears up for a legal challenge to North Carolina’s law, Florida builds its next purge of the voter rolls, and it’s Republican purge vs. Democrat lawsuit in Virginia.

The DOJ Takes on Texas Again — This Time Over Voter ID

Texas takes on a second lawsuit from the Department of Justice over voting laws the DOJ sees as discriminatory.

Voting in the Post-Preclearance Era

There’s more than one way to win an election.

NYC Votes: How a Wired City Can Make or Break a Candidate

Do technology and the internet really decide who wins elections? NYC might answer that question this fall.

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Highly Controversial Voter ID Law on Trial in PA

Remember Voter ID laws from election season? A moment of truth for Pennsylvania’s law has come. Will it hold up in court?

Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Anti-Discrimination Law

Does the election of a black president and high turnout among minority voters mean that discrimination at the polls is a thing of the past? The Supreme Court seems to think so.

On The Road with HeadCount and Magic Hat’s Participation Tour

It was 4 a.m. when Jane and I hit the road in NYC for HeadCount and Magic Hat’s Participation Tour. Not only had we each gotten less than four hours of sleep that night, we were both still recovering from the chaotic post-Hurricane Sandy week behind us. Still, we weren’t tired. Who couldn’t be excited…

Gary Johnson: Balancer of Budgets, Scaler of Summits

There a more than just two candidates in every election. Let’s look at where Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson stands on some of the issues

Was Paul Ryan a Smart Choice for Romney? – Yes

Paul Ryan’s charisma and ability to articulate the modern Republican philosophy make the Presidential race a referendum on two starkly different governing philosophies. That could rally the GOP base and land Mitt Romney in the White House.

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Can a 22-year Old Orthodox Jew Be Sexy and A Senator?

Inspired by the movie “Legally Blonde,” a 22 year old woman from Brooklyn is running for the New York State Senate, calling herself the “District Diva.”

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